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CHO Centers // Orleans Historical Society


Bringing Culture and History to Life.

Together, we will create a vibrant, living history in Orleans in community cultural centers for all to enjoy!


List of donors available soon...


The Linnell Family Association of North America is devoted to fellowship among all Linnell descendants in North America, and to the preservation of historical and genealogical information about the Linnell family.  Most Linnells in North America are descendants of Robert Linnell, who came to Scituate, Massachusetts in 1638 to seek religious freedom. One year later, Robert and his family moved to found the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod, along with their minister and other members of the congregation. Captain Ebenezer Harding Linnell, an eighth-generation descendant of Robert, built the Captain Linnell House in Orleans and was a founding member of the Universalist Church whose Meetinghouse has been the home of the Orleans Historical Society since 1972.


The Linnell Family Association, with several hundred members now living across the U.S., is very excited by Orleans Historical Society’s purchase and preservation of the Captain Linnell House.  Learn more about the Association and its support of this effort at

Contact Us

Orleans Historical Society

3 River Road

PO Box 353

Orleans, MA 02653

phone:  508-240-1329


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