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Cape Cod, the right arm of Massachusetts: an historical narrative
by Charles Francis Swift, 1897. Excerpt:

In the summer of 1814 Capt. Matthew H. Mayo and Capt. Winslow L. Knowles left Eastham in a whaleboat loaded with rye and arrived safely in Boston. Purchasing articles for domestic consumption and exchanging their boat for one somewhat larger they started on their homeward journey...

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Read the full account of the Battle of Rock Harbor, [LINK TO PDF Rock Harbor Discover Cape Cod-Kelley.pdf]
as retold by local author Shawnie Kelley, in the forthcoming book Discover Cape Cod.


Read the full account of the Battle of Rock Harbor, (LINK TO Battle-of-Orleans-1814.pdf] as retold by local author Admont Clark.


War of 1812 in Orleans Cemetery - list of Militia headstones with markers

Colorful markers have been placed to designate the headstones of Orleans Militia who served in the War of 1812.
Download our name list and enjoy a self-guided walk through one of the loveliest hilltops in Orleans. > >

[LINK to Microsoft Word - 1812 Militia in cemetery- list-revised.doc]

The Orleans Cemetery is located directly across from the Orleans Historical Society, at Main Street and River Road.
There is ample parking at the Society.

1814 Ransom note sent to Orleans Selectmen, demanding $1,000
Digital service by Bob Korn Imaging
View the full ransom note and more at our special summer exhibit "War of 1812 and the Battle of Rock Harbor"
<IMAGE> War of 1812 - "Ransom Request" Poster
Click to view larger
U.S.S. Constitution vs H.M.S. Guerriere, Naval Battle
1962 New Bedford Standard Times article. [LINK TO StandardTimesNewBedford.pdf]
Constitution vs Guerriere summary, unknown. [LINK TO Constitution-vs-Guerriere.pdf]
Orleans War of 1812 hero, Joshua Crosby
Orleans Hero, Gunner Crosby, by Albert E. Snow. [LINK TO Crosby-Joshua.pdf]
Joshua Crosby, U.S.S. Constitution gunner, unknown. [LINK TO AnotherWarHero-JoshuaCrosby.pdf]
The Early History of Orleans. Read the War of 1812 excerpt by Ruth Barnard. [LINK TO AHistoryofEarlyOrleansbyRuthBarnard.pdf]
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