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Community Conversations

Eyewitnesses to the Wreck and Rescue of the ELDIA, 1984

Bonnie Snow, Orleans Town Historian, Monitor

Rescheduled to a later date - stay tuned!

Were you an eyewitness to the grounding of the Eldia tanker 35 years ago? Did you see the helicopters making the rescue or lines of people heading to the beach?

Come join us for an overview of the events of the spring of 1984 by Bonnie Snow, followed by an “Open Mic” session where community members can offer their reminiscences and show personal memorabilia and photographs.

Transforming the Meetinghouse and the Historical Society: Behind the Scenes

Rescheduled to a later date - stay tuned!


See before-and-after photos of this landmark building and learn about the upcoming plans for renovations and programming for the new Centers for Culture and History.

"I love Bonnie Snow's walks!"
"Love it when historians talk about local events."
"The jazz musicians were very engaging. They were very much in the spirit of the moment and reacted to the audience. It was a very comfortable setting and performance."
"We are impressed by the depth and breadth of OHS programs and activities."
"Bonnie's walks are wonderful."
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