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Jazz music is artistry, not too many people like it and not too easy to listen to. However, Jazz makes the audience already like it like a lover of it. So what is Jazz? What's so special about Jazz?

What is Jazz Music?

In the late 19th century, early 20th century, Jazz music began to be born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. At its initial stage, Jazz was a combination of the following elements:

Rhythm of African music, with origins in Blues and Ragtime.

African slaves sang songs as they labored in America.

Is the typical music of New Orleans in the marches, parades, funerals.

Some other European musical elements.

Jazz music has a long history, spanning more than 100 years and originating from songs sung by African-born slaves while at work, so it is difficult to fully define what Jazz is.

Today, Jazz can be understood as a musical genre based on clever improvisation, urgency but rhythmically coordinated in each melody. Improvisation is the way Jazz artists express themselves and create improvised music with their own unique character.

What is the characteristic of Jazz?

Improvisers and artists

Jazz composers can improvise with themes. Meanwhile, the playing artist can improvise a song based on an existing theme in his own style to complete the song and bring his own color.

Song composition is mostly associated with the performer. Therefore, the characteristic of Jazz is the random improvisation of musical artists.

Jazz music is similar to classical music in that the beginning of the performance will follow the right theme. The difference is that classical music must follow the rules established by the musician. However, Jazz is the artist's improvisation, so sometimes the same song but the performance is different.

Unique Jazz melody

Built mainly on the scale with the "blue notes". That is, the note in the third and the note in the seventh of the scale will be reduced in pitch.

The technique of using the instrument was started directly from the black singing style. Musicians will invent techniques to make instruments sound like human voices. Specifically, put flowery notes, chemical notes, blues notes, vibrato and glissando.

When enjoying Jazz, we will always feel new and different in melody, harmony, rhythm as well as expression. In Jazz, the melody is colorful, expressing the freedom in music. Each song of each artist will have its own color, imprint, and no one is the same.

Jazz music rhythm

Jazz music has a completely different rhythm from classical music. Classical rhythm is a form that does not require too much complexity, is easy to listen to, and the technique of fingering is focused. As for the rhythm of Jazz music, the rhythms of inversion, inversion, and recoil are extremely focused. This is the difference that helps Jazz not to be confused with any other music.

Typical rhythm of Jazz music: The 2-beat beat in the military march will be replaced by a 4-beat beat, with emphasis on beats 2 and 4 in the bar.

Harmony In Jazz

Blending in Jazz will create structure, clear melodies, and music with its own color. Jazz harmonies are much more complicated than classical rules.

The most commonly used chords of Jazz are the rising, falling, 7th chord and chords that add extra chords, such as 9, 11 and 13.

The harmonies of Jazz music will be transferred consecutively from one measure to another along with different harmonies. Therefore, each bar is considered a harmony.

The typical harmonic harmonization of Jazz music is level II, V and I. While the traditional harmonic harmony is IV, V and I. This is the huge difference between Jazz harmony compared to Jazz harmony. with tradition.

Jazz is a colorful music, so jazz artists will increase and decrease chords, improvise using harmony rings. As a result, it will give the audience a new and interesting feeling. The most important thing is that the harmonica does not stray too far from the theme of the piece.

Instruments for playing Jazz

Jazz instruments are European and the performance style is American. These include:

Drum set, percussion instruments.

Saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinette, cornet.

Other instruments: Guitar, piano, contrebass, banjo.

The style of expressing Jazz music similar to Blues originates from Protestant choirs and religious songs.

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