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Working on a novel: how to reduce the volume if there is a lot of text

The incredibly inflated volume of a story is not uncommon, and there are many reasons for this. An episode that was thought to be passé suddenly unfolds into a chapter. A new character emerges that is interesting to work with and has a place in the story. The action turns in an unexpected direction. Finally, the author (and this is especially true for beginners) does not know what to write about, how to expand a chapter and express the idea, and goes around and around on the principle of "just to continue. And the thought unfolds not in a paragraph, but on several pages, and the plot event that fits in a chapter, stretched for three or four. And the volume increases - and extra "water" with it.

What is wrong with too much volume?

First, professional essay editing in the "water" dissolves the idea and loses the severity of intrigue and conflict. Secondly, the dynamics of events falls. Third, if the text is more than the requirements stated by publishers, the author refused to publish. Or offer to cut the text to the publishing standard.

How to reduce the volume of the novel

When reducing the volume it is important to follow the following two principles.

1. Do not spare the text.

This, by the way, science homework helper is the trouble with many beginners. Every word and sentence, not to mention paragraphs and pages, are given so hard that a couple of words to throw out sorry. And it is necessary to delete. And not just words and sentences, but paragraphs and even scenes. After all, words are just material that will initially be used more than necessary.

2. See extra episodes (paragraphs, sentences, words).

Yes, and scenes are also material, and in order to "cut" the finished product, you must remove those that do not carry a story load. If the scene does not reveal the character of the hero or characters, if it does not affect the plot in any way, then there is nothing to feel sorry for.

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